If you spend or plan to spend $100,000 or more buying products from china, these little known secrets could save you an extra $10,000 or more!
I revealed how I save over $150,000 every year and how you can start saving too!  
7 secret Product Sourcing hacks 
your chinese suppliers wish you never knew
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Hi, I'm Afolabi, CEO at Trillion Source; for several years when looking to buy products from China at the lowest possible rate, I would simply go to sites like alibaba or global sources, search for products using specific words or phrases, pick few suppliers with products similar to what I'm looking for, send out a bunch of inquiry forms and then sit and wait for price quotes to start pouring in. I bet you probably do the same...

In my 17+ years of buying and importing products for top selling brands, I thought I was getting the best deals only to find out I was dead wrong! I had been losing in the pricing game and pouring millions of dollars down the toilet every year!

If you think you're getting the best prices from your supplier, sourcing agents or even your shipper, what I'm about to reveal here will shock you! Don't beat yourself up over it though...it literally took me over 10 years to finally figure it out too. When I finally did, I started getting prices lower than even what chinese nationals and chinese sourcing agents were getting. Trust me, I have used sourcing agents, trading agents and middlemen and none of them could beat the low prices I buy and ship my products for. None of them!

So if you spend or plan to spend $100,000 or more buying products from china, these following hacks could save you tons of money...even millions almost instantly if you're a larger business!

Think about it, what could you or your business do with an extra $10,000, $15,000 or even $20,000 in your pocket without doing much at all?

I pray your supplier isn't reading any of this...Trust me this is a painful truth but it's also a game changer. You'll thank me later :-) Painful truth because you're about to discover how much money you've lost over the years buying products from china. Game changer because you'll be flipping the game on your supplier!

I've been asked by close friends several times to turn these secret hacks into some training program and charge a fortune for it but have refused. I got a standing ovation when I shared only one of my sourcing tricks at a mastermind event full of top grossing online entrepreneurs and brand owners. 

Without wasting your time, here are my secrets to getting the lowest prices and best deals when buying top quality products from china. I guarantee you your Chinese supplier wish you never found out these underground secrets I'm about to reveal to you.

Let's jump in.
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It's ok to research suppliers on online sourcing websites like Alibaba, but never never contact them, get quotes or negotiate prices through these platforms.

All these platforms are designed for foreigners to do business with chinese suppliers. Any price you get from suppliers on these platforms are already inflated 20-30%. Why? Because you're a foreigner on these platforms. Remember how expensive souvenirs are at tourist centers in foreign countries? It's the same with these platforms, the only way you get the best deals is when you buy as a local - When you go to china's local markets and buy as a local shopper!

I save over 30% on prices I get on alibaba by going through the back door and buying in china's underground markets...sometimes I buy at half the price quoted on Alibaba. Shocking, right?

What are these underground markets? They are simply chinese platforms where chinese people buy from each other. Keep reading, I'll help you access them in a bit.
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Never ever contact or email a chinese supplier in english or in any language other than mandarin. The moment you contact a chinese supplier in your language, he already knows you're a foreigner and he will quote you a foreigner price.

I first discovered this secret when I hired my first employee for my China office. When I asked her to speak to some chinese suppliers on my behalf, to my surprise many of these suppliers refused to talk to her. I asked her why, she said "because I'm chinese. They know I know their secrets so they will not like to talk to me. They prefer to talk to foreigners so they can sell at higher prices". To an average chinese supplier, foreigners are clueless and certainly don't know the pricing game.

Wouldn't you like to access language restricted markets only chinese people can buy at? Wouldn't you like to pay the same prices a chinese local pay as well? But I have found a way around this...I will take you there I promise.
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There are many types of factories and suppliers in china. I find gold in the ones WHO DON'T HAVE LICENSE TO EXPORT OUT OF CHINA. In fact many trading companies you find on Alibaba buy from these unknown and unpopular suppliers and then resell to foreigners like you and I on Alibaba.

I simply buy from these underground suppliers through my mandarin speaking staff, get the lowest pricing, and then obtain export license for my products by myself. Don't let the term export license scare you, its really easy and it's unbelievably cheap!

Another thing I do sometimes is to never disclose to my chinese suppliers the country I'm exporting my products to until the products are finished and ready to ship.

This is very important for many reasons; first, the moment they know you're shipping to the US or Europe, they will tag you as a foreign buyer and raise their price. Second, chinese factories can make different quality grades based on the final destination of your product. For buyers from Africa, Caribbean and some developing European countries, never disclose your country or else you can end up with bad quality products made from sub standard materials. Trust me, I have seen this happen over and over again.
A single bad customer review can kill your business overnight!

In order to communicate your quality without revealing too much about your export market, simply send them a sample of a product that has the exact quality you would like and ask your supplier to match your products to such standards and specs.

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Never allow your supplier to quote you FOB price.

FOB price simply means your supplier has already added the cost of putting your products into a container and transporting them from their factory to the seaport.

Always get EXW price, it's way cheaper. This is ex works price; it means you will assume the responsibility of transporting your finished product from your supplier's factory to the sea port. It's really cheap and easy to transport products from factories to seaports. You could pick up over $5000 in savings just from this hack.

Below is a similar product my client was paying $1.85 each FOB . Guess what? I was able to make a better quality version for just $0.43 EXW. That's over 200% in savings! If we buy 10,000 pieces of this product how much savings do you think I got for her? $14,200 to be precise!

You're probably thinking, "Should I just go back to my suppliers and tell them I want EXW price"  Right? NO, not that easy, your supplier will suspect you just discovered his game and he will not want to part with his profits that easy.

But there's a way around this...there's a back door to this...

I can take you through the back door and force your supplier into an EXW pricing.

Never pay your supplier in US dollars or any other foreign currency.
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Think about this for a minute...
If a chinese lady walks into a grocery store in China and picks up a bottle of coke. upon getting to the cash register to pay, will she pay in US dollars or in Chinese local currency? of course in Chinese currency. So, if a chinese local gets a fixed price when buying inside china, why should you and I pay more for the same products simply because we are foreigners?

Do you think prices of goods in china's local markets change based on how the US dollar is doing against China RMB? Nope. Prices of locally produced goods in china remains the same irrespective of whats going on in forex market.

You may find this hard to believe, but an average Chinese supplier makes more money trading foreign exchange with your money than he makes selling products to you.

The moment your supplier knows you're a foreign buyer, he will immediately add up to 30% to the price he quotes you as a forex buffer. This is one secret your chinese supplier is definitely hiding from you.

So what's a forex buffer? It's simply a safety cushion your supplier adds to your price due to daily fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. For instance, if the exchange rate of US Dollars to chinese RMB is 1:6 on the day your supplier gives you a price of $2 per piece for a product you're buying from him. What happens if 2 days later the chinese RMB loses 10% of its value and the exchange rate is now 1:6.6?
This means your supplier just lost 10% on that transaction if he sold to you at the price he quoted you 2 days earlier.

No one likes to lose money, so does your supplier. So in order to avoid this loss due to the instability of foreign currency exchange rate, your supplier typically adds 10-30% to his price.

The simple solution to this is to get quotes in RMB currency and also pay in RMB. 

You're probably thinking, "So I should just tell my supplier I only want to pay RMB and I will get a cheaper price?" NO. Your supplier will fight and resist this idea. In fact he may just quote you a RMB price based on current Forex rate of US Dollar to RMB to just to make you shut up. Is this a good deal? No. Does this mean you're getting a lower price, NO. 

There's a way to trick your supplier into bending to your rules and give you the same RMB price he would normally sell to a chinese local company.

Avoid sending payment to your supplier by wire transfers or western union. In fact never send payments through your bank! You will save a ton of money by sending chinese local currency through a forex batch processor. If you must send US dollars, still use a forex platform - It's half the cost or in most cases, free!

There was a time I would pay over $1000 a month just in bank wire fees! Now I batch my payments through a forex clearing platform. What does this mean? I send all my clients money into a central account and then route them to each supplier's RMB account in china. THIS SIMPLE TIP HAS BEEN SAVING ME OVER $1500 EVERY MONTH IN BANK FEES. Genius, right?
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This is one of the biggest mistakes small businesses make when shipping their goods from china. 

#1: Never ever allow your supplier to help you arrange or book the shipping of your products to your country of destination. Your supplier is not a shipper, he will probably outsource your cargo to a broker who will then give it to another broker and to another broker. This will eventually cost you a fortune!

Simply tell your supplier you will take care of your door to door shipping. The best way is to use a volume shipper.

#2: If you want to get the lowest shipping rates, Never ship through shipping websites or online platforms that display instant shipping quotes from competing shippers. All of them are expensive and non negotiable!

A friend of mine was bragging about how much he saves on shipping by using an instant quote website. He was super excited to be able to track the ship carrying his products from china to the US. He loved the fact that he logs into a fancy dashboard and tracks a ship. I am always curious about things like this, so I asked him how much he paid his fancy dashboard shipper to ship his container from shanghai to Los Angeles port. He paid over $600 more than I did! I guess they're charging him $600 to be able to track a ship!

Always remember this tip, there's nothing like INSTANT shipping rates, everything is negotiable. I usually buy my shipping rates in bulk and transfer the savings to my clients. Negotiating your shipping rates can save you up to $500 per single shipment! If you do 12 shipments per year, that's $6,000 in savings back in your pocket.

What many entrepreneurs don't realize is most of the instant shipping brokers do advertise low shipping rates just to draw you in, where they get you are the hidden fees! Look at your shipping quote, the fees to watch out for are "destination charges", "origin charges" and "warehouse in and out". 9 out of 10 shipping brokers hide these costs from you until your goods arrive at the US port...then they sting you with them!

I will show you how to avoid these hidden charges and get a fair, honest and transparent price. I get all my quotes within 24 hours and I save a ton of money every time. I will rather wait 24 hours to get a great rate, wouldn't you? 

Knowing the perfect time to negotiate price with your supplier is key. Never negotiate price too early or too late.
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I see many buyers negotiating prices the moment they start a conversation with their suppliers on alibaba. THIS IS A NO NO.

They're trying hard to get a good deal. The hard truth is that you already lost your negotiating power the moment you approach your supplier as a foreigner. You lost again by negotiating in US dollars, and you lost more by getting FOB price. Then you lose way more when you negotiate pricing too early or too late.

I always get the price I want because I do my negotiation at the "tipping point". What's a tipping point? It's simply that perfect time the supplier has reached a state of harmony with you and knows you're for real. I use this trick all the time and it has worked every single time.

Negotiating your price at the tipping point can easily save you another 5-10%. Thats over $4,000-$8,000 savings if you're doing a $80,000 order. Trust me, this savings add up real quick and will help you grow your business quicker or even free up more cash for you.
Don't rely on your supplier to give you accurate HTS code for your products.
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In the light of President Trump's new tariffs on Chinese imported goods, it's now more crucial to know the perfect import duty codes with which to import your goods from china. Inaccurate HTS code is one of the worst money suckers I have ever seen in my import business. Wrongly classifying your products for import can cost you up to 30% MORE in tariffs at your country of destination.

So what are HTS codes? it's simply Harmonized Tariff Code. These are classification codes every product and material is grouped and a duty rate is assigned to each code. Giving an inaccurate code to the US customs when your product is about to enter the US can result in fines or you overpaying in duties and charges.

I have seen a situation where a supplier gave inaccurate HTS codes that could have made an amazon seller pay over $21,000 in duties. Upon me checking the paperwork I saw that the codes given by the supplier were wrong, my client only needed to pay $1361, not $21,000. Thats over $19,639 I saved the seller!

It's difficult for most suppliers to rightly interpret your product classification simply because they don't speak much english. Why would you trust a non english speaking person to translate an english paperwork?

Having an experienced customs brokerage firm will save you thousands of dollars year after year.
Now you're probably thinking, how do I apply these hacks to my business?

How can I start saving $5,000, $10,000 or even more buying products from China?

Well...I PROMISED earlier in this blog that I WILL HELP YOU APPLY THESE HACKS IN YOUR BUSINESS and save thousands or even millions of dollars every year...
I have helped numerous top selling brands save money, lower their import costs and put tons of cash in their bank accounts. I specialize in importing products in more than 500 categories ranging from 
home decor, baby products, machinery, tools, medical devices, building materials, automobile parts, electronics
even a speed boat! 

I have sourced, procured and renegotiated pricing to save my clients over $2,072,400...thats over $2 million in just few years. 

I can do the same for you!
"Trillion Source was able to source items from companies that would normally ignore my inquiry, either because of my business size, or because I did not speak Chinese..." - J. Beck
J. Beck
"I learned of Trillion Source through a mutual friend and logistics consultant. Initially hesitant as I wasn't certain of the quality of results I would get, Trillion was able to source items from companies that would normally ignore my inquiry, either because of my business size, or because I did not speak Chinese.
Acquiring our first product from Trillion went as smoothly as one could expect. I also learned so much during the process. Most important is that Trillion helped me source directly from the company, rather than relying on a distributor. This allowed us to get a good price for the quantity ordered. Best of all, the products arrived without much delay, and intact.
Trillion source is service oriented. This extends past simple acquisition of product. They also assist with product design, sourcing various people to assist with hardware. The owner goes well above and beyond to understand your needs, find people to help create a product, then have it manufactured within a price point you can afford. This saves a lot of time trying to vet worthwhile sources, much less research talent."
I can only help businesses that currently spend or plan to spend over $100,000 annually (with minimum purchase order of $20,000 per product each year)
If you're currently spending or plan to spend over $100,000 a year buying products from china every year, then these hacks will be worth it for you.

 Here's what I will do for you...

Renegotiate Lower Prices for your Top Selling products 

I will help you renegotiate your price to get you the lowest possible price without sacrificing quality. I typically get 5%-30%

Find New Suppliers and Factories to make your products a lot cheaper

In some cases I can even help you find a better supplier with lower prices while keep your quality standards the same or better.

Reclassify your products in the correct HTS codes to save you $$$

You may currently be overpaying in duties due to wrong HTS codes. I will re-assess your products to ensure the lowest duty rates

Find You the Lowest Shipping Rates on the Planet! 

My company will find you the lowest shipping rate you can find anywhere. We buy shipping in bulk and pass on the savings to you!

Start Buying your Products in Local China Currency so you can save

The smartest way to buy products in china is to buy Yuan Renminbi. We will save you a ton by buying and paying your suppliers in RMB.

Source New Products in China's Underground Market

You've heard about the golden market only a few sellers know about or have access to. Now its time you play big and buy smarter.
My 7 Figure Hacks will help your business if you answer "YES" to ANY of the questions below:
1. Do you currently spend or plan to spend over $100,000 buying products from china in the next 12 months?

2. Are you currently buying products from a supplier you met online or websites like Alibaba?

3. Do you currently pay your foreign suppliers in US Dollars?

4. Do you use a third party agent or website to ship your goods from china to the US?

5. Do you currently communicate with your suppliers in English or any other non chinese language?
Did you answer "YES" to ANY of the questions above? if so then I'm very positive I will be able to save you a lot of money. To start, simply complete the steps below and I will be happy to be on the phone with you right away.
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